Bear and Bailey Dallas Fort Worth Texas to Honolulu Hawaii

Look at Bear and Bailey, aren’t they gorgeous? These two cats came to see us last year for their Rabies FAVN titer (blood test) in preparation to go to Hawaii. Today they came back to see us for their health certificates, enjoyed some cuddles, and will be boarding in our kennel overnight so we can take them to the airport bright and early in the morning for their flight on United Airlines. They will be traveling from Dallas Fort Worth DFW International Airport to Honolulu HNL International Airport in Hawaii.

Enjoy the sun and surf for us kitties. Wish we could go with you!

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David Landers DVM

David Landers DVM

Dr. David Landers is a 2003 graduate of Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine. He started AirVets Pet Relocation and focuses on international pet shipping, health certificates, and export/import documents.
David Landers DVM

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4 comments on “Bear and Bailey Dallas Fort Worth Texas to Honolulu Hawaii

  1. They are so lucky to being going to Hawaii to be with their Mommy. But their Grandma is going to miss them so much! Thankfully she can visit them from time to time! Some kitties aren’t always photogenic! These two cats are the best!! And it has been good working with AirVets.

  2. Thanks so much to AirVets for helping me get my babies back! It will be so good to have them here to help complete my life in paradise! And thanks to Grandma for coordinating everything with AirVets from the mainland to make this happen – we’ll be looking forward to your visits even more now!

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